The use of multimedia in teaching helps conduct teaching-learning activities in the classroom. Multimedia use in the classroom is more effective for students who learn through observing the teaching process and those who learn through listening. Multimedia is, therefore, capable of meeting the learning needs of all students. The use of multimedia is essential for students of different conditions (including disabled students). In classroom activities, the students are also rich in information technology.

Smart Classrooms

For effective teaching of subjects, multimedia classrooms with audio-visual facilities have been prepared in the college, in which teaching is done through television/projector/interactive panels.


The auditoriums are regular venues for conferences, workshops, and seminars. The purpose of the auditoriums is to enhance the quality of education. To make this possible, the auditorium offers facilities such as LCD projectors, screens, white-boards for delivering lectures.

Computer Lab

The laboratories of various courses conducted in the college are equipped with the best quality equipments. More than 100 state-of-the-art computers are available in the air-cooled computer laboratory


A classroom is defined as a place where a group of students study in classes from a particular teacher in a particular subject. colleges and universities where a variety of skills and subjects are taught to students in a variety of subjects and disciplines. It is a place where all students share the same signs and symbols.